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Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday.
I like it so much, I might just do it every Saturday!

Loads of laundry lay scattered around the basement floor. Dishes sat in the sink because the dishwasher needed to be unloaded. I had loaves of bread to bake. Did I do any of it? Eventually, but first I decided to engage in some serious self-care. Today was sunny and 84 degrees in a state that hasn’t exactly had a “nice” summer (more like rain-drenched, cloudy, and gloomy). I laid my daughter down for her early afternoon nap and looked outside. It sure looked beautiful but I had so much that needed to be done…inside. *sigh*

Begrudgingly I went to the basement to tackle the laundry first. As I was throwing towels and swimsuits into the washer from our previous trips to the pool this week, I decided not to waste this beautiful, God-granted day. The laundry could wait until Vivienne woke up, until night, heck until it decides to rain again but I was not going to waste this beautiful day. Sure, I have outside work that needs completed, such as pulling some monstrous weeds (I kid you not, six feet tall thistles) but I decided I wanted some “me time” instead. So I put on my swimsuit, my red aviators, and made myself a “boat drink.” I carried my book, beach towel, and drink outside to lay out and enjoy the day. Beautiful. Add in some steel drum music playing on iTunes and I felt like I was in the Caribbean…minus the sand and the sound of the waves. But as a friend told me, “there is an app for that.” I spent two glorious hours taking care of myself and doing exactly what I wanted, not what *needed* to be done. (I might argue here that self-care is absolutely a need.)


When Vivienne finally did wake from her sweet toddler slumber, I decided self-care Saturday shouldn’t end there. We filled up her little baby pool and had a blast. Life wasn’t about to pass by me today! (Carpe diem, anyone?) I decided to live in the moment. To let the chores wait and to embrace motherhood by having FUN. We had a blast splashing the pool and subsequently making sand castles by dumping waaaay too much water into her little green turtle sandbox. I would build a castle and she would knock it down laughing and squealing “uh oh!” Living in the moment and taking care of myself today allowed me to appreciate her laughter and play with her instead of pushing her to play by herself so I could work. Today Vivienne reminded me how fun it is to laugh a genuine happy laugh.

As the sun was setting I hooked up her junior bouncy house and even though I am technically too big for it, I got in with her. She patted the middle and yelled, “Mommy!” How could I refuse?! I thought about it. I thought about the bread that needed to be made, the dishes that needed to be done, and the fact I could watch her bounce in that house from the kitchen widow…but I decided to stay with her. I decided to continue my self-care Saturday and lay in that junior size bouncy house. She jumped all around me and laid beside me; often rolling over to stare at me and kiss me. At one point as I looked into her big, beautiful blue eyes I thought, “This is life. Living my life with my sweet baby girl.” I looked beyond her at our nice house and land, with all the “things” I thought I needed to help make me happy before and I realized I don’t need any of it. All I need is my husband, my daughter, love, God, and a whole lot of self-care.

My day (and heart) were topped off by cuddling on the couch with Vivienne watching “The Princess and the Frog.” Nothing beats leaning over to kiss the top of her head while she strokes my hand she is holding and snuggles closer for the scary parts. Today I chose self-care and decided to live my life instead of letting it pass by because a few things “needed” to get done.

Tonight, as I sit at my computer typing this with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face, the dishes are done, the laundry is still waiting for me, and the honey whole wheat bread tastes delicious. I feel more happiness than I have felt in weeks because I decided to focus on what really matters in my life and take care of myself in the process.

Have you engaged in a self-care Saturday lately?
If not, try a self-care Sunday (or any other day/evening that works for you!)

With Body Love,

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